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“As we go through the books, I can see that the reading and understanding has become so much easier for Justin – thank goodness we started your programme this year. I only wish that we had known about it earlier and started in the lower grades! As we go through the different books, it gets better and better.”

Robyn, home-schooler

“Hi Sue, our children are doing really well with the Afrikaans books, and we would like to order the next level. Thank you.”

Jane, Kloof Junior Primary

“I have tried so many different Afrikaans books, and the Ant Books Programme is the best! The children just love that the language is connected to the readers – it makes it meaningful for them. I think this combination of reading and language is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Maria, Egerton Junior, Ladysmith

“The Afrikaans Programme we ordered from you is a runaway success and makes the teachers’ lives much easier! Thank you.”

Gerda, Summerhill Prep School, Hazyview

“Your Afrikaans Begripstoets books are fantastic! Each exercise is short so it’s easy to slot them into our day. The other thing that makes them great is that they get the children reading, understanding and writing Afrikaans. Excellent for every day use in Afrikaans lessons or as additional practice. Thank you for this great resource.”


“As a homeschooling mom of 3, I can only say that ANT books have been hugely successful for us! I ordered them blind towards the end of my eldest daughter’s grade 3 year and we have not looked back. Up until then I was floundering somewhat with Afrikaans teaching, but ANT books have given us structure and direction. We have since used Vlak 0,1 and 2 – loving the fun readers, the entertaining Neels stories and the workbooks that go with them. My daughter loves the stories and is enthusiastic about Afrikaans. We’ve also used the Begripstoets and extra workbooks. Highly recommended!”

Sue, Cape Town

“I got your afrikaanse series for my little one, who at the time was in Grade 1, at the show last year. We have worked through the series, albeit slowly, and taken a child who didn’t even want to hear the word afrikaanse to someone who cannot wait to do his afrikaanse work – we have had so much fun learning but are now on the 4th book and the last topic so was hoping to get something that could develop these skills. Thanks for a great curriculum.”


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