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MATHS Home Page

Our photocopiable workbooks cover all the core aspects of our South African syllabus:

  • bonds and tables
  • measurement
  • fractions
  • decimals
  • general mathematics (our popular “Mixed Bag” series!)
  • homework maths series
  • problem-solving
  • money
  • our new ‘pocket books’ – tables to drill!

They are designed to teach, through drill, repetition and practice, all the basic concepts and to “keep them warm” throughout the year. This very popular range is ideal for class and homework use.  To find out more about each book click here.


We also have maths games.

1.  ”JACKPOT” is a board game for the grade 1s and 2s, to teach them addition and subtraction, odd and even, doubling and halving (also available in Afrikaans as “BOERPOT”)

2.  ”FRAC-PAC” is our very popular fractions set, consisting of wooden fraction pieces to teach fractions from grades 2 to 7.  Comes with instructions in English and Afrikaans for many games.

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