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Introductory Series Readers & Workbooks

IsiZulu Readers

These fun readers focus on Bheki and his family and friends, South African children in typical everyday scenes. Meet Gogo, who loves cake, and the naughty and irrepressible Lolo, their irritating little cousin. Through reading aloud, your children will absorb vocabulary and improve fluency and sentence construction. An English translation is at the back of every reader – making them wonderful teaching tools for first or second language pupils!

As well as readers, we now have WORKBOOKS for the first 2 Levels of the reader.  The reading aloud remains the vital part of the lesson, while the workbooks focus on the written output: sentence-construction, vocabulary extension, basic grammar and comprehension.  There are 4 workbooks for each Level, in other words, a workbook for every 2 readers.
Workbooks for Levels 3 and 4 will be out during 2014.


Taken from Level 1

Taken from Level 2

Taken from Level 3

Taken from Level 4


There are WORKBOOKS to accompany the readers, Levels 1 and 2, with more workbooks in the pipeline!  Educators: bear in mind that although the level of the reader may seem very easy, the level of the workbook is more challenging.
Level 1: suitable for those who have had an introductory year or two in Zulu, ie grade 3 or 4 pupils.*
Level 2: suitable for those who have completed Level 1, ie pupils in grades 5 or 6.*
* Dependent wholly on the ability of the individual child.

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