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Available in English, Afrikaans and isiZulu
Now that a second – and even third – language must be introduced in Grade 1, we have put together an ‘Introductory Series’ to teach basic vocabulary.

This is ideal for introducing a second language to the Foundation Phase child.

We have focused on 8 themes:


* Die Liggaam, Die Huis     * My Familie, Kleure     * Ontbyt, My Skooluniform
* Troeteldiere, Nommers


* The Body, The House     * The Family, Colours     * Breakfast, My School Uniform     * Pets, Numbers


* Umzimba, Indlu     * Umndeni wami, Imibala     * Isidlo sasekuseni, Izingubo zesikole
* Izilwanyana zasekhaya, Izinombolo

For grade 1
  • 10 colour A4 pictures per theme on thin glossy card – to introduce the vocabulary
  • 10 accompanying flashcards
  • 4 ‘circle and colour’ workbooks (2 themes per book) for re-inforcement and revision.

Level 1 Set 1: “my body”, “the house”

Level 1 Set 2: “my family”, “colours”

For grade 2

  • The same 10 colour pictures per theme, with their accompanying flashcards
  • A “Big Reading Card” per picture, so that now the word appears in the context of a sentence.  Large enough to be seen at the back of the class.
  • 4 ‘read, write and draw’ workbooks (2 themes per book) with the same sentences as the ‘Big Reading Cards’ – for reinforcement.
  • Templates of the ‘Big Reading Cards’ but in a smaller format, called ‘Mini Reading Cards’ – to copy, laminate and send home as extra reading practice.

Please note: All orders come with ‘how to’ guides for getting the best and the most out of your Ant Books material.

For grade 3

Once the material above has been covered, move your class on to the Afrikaans Reading Programme.

NOTE: The recommendations for grades (above) are just that – recommendations.  You may choose to start your grade threes on the grade 2 material.

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