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Hello, home-schoolers!  I decided you needed a page all to yourselves.  There’s so much I can share with you, information that doesn’t necessarily apply to the school situation.  But for those who don’t know us (and where have you been?), let’s start at the very beginning…


I started Ant Books nearly 12 years ago, when I was taking a break from teaching to bring up my small children.  And from the response, what started as ‘something to do while the kids took their afternoon nap’ became a fully-fledged business and I did not go back to teaching.


Right from the start, I wanted to supply teachers – and later, parents – with what I knew they wanted: easy-to-use, high-quality, reasonably-priced worksheet material that could be photocopied.  There’s a great deal more to the Ant Books than just that, but that has become the basic formula, and just like Kentucky Chicken will add new products while their basic fried chicken remains core, so have these policies remained core.  I give teachers what they want.


I didn’t just want to sell books.  I wanted to make a difference in the lives of teachers and the children they taught.  So I wanted my books to TEACH rather than just test or inform, which is what so many other books do.  To this end, I developed a formula of style that I still use – because it works: simple layout, repetition of style throughout, repetition of content.  Yep, that’s about it!  (I subscribe to the ‘KISS’ formula: ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid!’)  The ‘sameness’ of the pages means the children don’t feel threatened – everything looks the same, page after page…then through the repetition, they learn.  Simple.  And there are few distractions, if any – no colour, few pictures: what you see is what you do.


In 2005, I took my children out of school for a year (I felt my 12 yr old son was too young for high-school and wanted to keep him back a year before he started), and home-schooled them.  I used only the Ant Books, and a maths textbook each.  That was when my Afrikaans Programme really came into its own, because I couldn’t find a programme at all, or a book that I liked.  My own kids were my ‘crash-test dummies’ :)  but they thrived on it, and both did exceptionally well in Afrikaans from then onwards (see my Afrikaans page for more details).  So it is an IDEAL home-schooling programme which I have now adapted to the school situation.  (This programme is SO annyoying!  I’m used to typing i and it automatically becomes a capital…)


More and more South African parents are choosing to use Ant Books as their core programme, and supplement with other material.  Why not?  I used it.  My first love is English, and i (i’m leaving that one.  That one, too) have covered every aspect of English in depth – you will not find such comprehensive cover in any other system, I am sure of that.    EXCEPT…Literature.  I devised literature schemes for my children when I home-schooled them, but due to copyright laws, cannot publish the parts of the children’s books I used.  Very frustrating.  But if there is enough interest, I will look into that, too.

What I also did was devise a workable timetable for my children.  The Ant Books exercises are about 10 mins in length, which I worked into the timetable, and boy, did those poor things get through vast amounts of work!  So now, free, gratis and for nothing, I will (and have) devise personal timetables for you and your children if you just ask.

For the maths…you will need a textbooks. 

As for the Afrikaans…well, you won’t find a better Programme anywhere else!

And your children – and you – will love working WITH the Ant Books as opposed to struggling with another Programme. 


You can get the Ant Books in Durban now, without the trek to Pietermaritzburg.  They are on sale at “Occasions”, a shop that sells scrap-booking materials, at Flat no. 4, St Elmo’s, which is opposite the Glenwood Village shopping centre in Moore Road (now Che Guevara). 

I am looking to stock other shops around the country, so watch this space for details.

I also personally sell at flea and craft markets and expos, and sometimes at the Shongweni Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning.  I’ll let you know the details. 

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