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This is our ALL NEW phonics game!  It isn’t that new, actually – I developed the idea 25 years ago when I started teaching, in order to help my senior primary class remember the sounds…I remember I made a make-shift game on the back of a piece of cardboard from an old cardboard box…and I still have this!  Simple to play, fun and fast-moving – the children just loved this game.

The aim…

Of course, it’s to help entrench and ingrain these English sounds, in order to help with both reading and spelling.

And the name?

One of my grade 7 pupils came to ask me one day if he and his friends could play ‘punos’.  “What are you talking about?” I asked him.  He grinned – and turned my board upside down.  The word ‘sound’ is ‘punos’, upside down!  And it stuck.

What it’s all about?

We now have a far sturdier version than my original.  There is a game board, plus sheets of cards for you or your child to cut up.  You can laminate them first, if you wish, for durability (but I found this made them slippery!).  You will need a die, and counters.

How it’s played

4 pupils can comfortably sit around the board.  According to the throw of the die, they move their counter, and when they land, collect either a ‘word’ or a ‘sound’ card.  The ‘word’ cards have the sound left out, and the ‘sound’ card fits neatly into this gap.  But of course, not all the sounds fit into every word – and that’s where they will begin to develop a good knowledge of the sounds – by experimenting, and trying different ‘sounds’ in different ‘words’.  You will hear them muttering the sound under their breath, and ‘sounding out’ the word, such as “t…ea…n”.  There is a laminated check list of every possible word, so that they or a friend can verify their word.


We make it fun by adding ‘penalties’ – such as singing all the sounds on the table to the tune of ‘baa baa black sheep’!  No, this is not a quiet game!  There is also the instruction to ‘all move one place to the right…’, which will bring cries of delight or groans, depending on the new set of cards they inherit.  Another penalty will instruct them to ‘give a sound card to another player’ – and they soon learn to get rid of the more unusual sounds!

Teachers, please note:

You will need more than one board.  EVERYONE will want to play, and as it can get a little loud – with the singing and laughing – it is best to let everyone play at the same time!

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