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Introductory Series

English: English Workbooks

We have a vast range of English workbooks to cover all aspects of the English language:

  • comprehension and cloze procedure
  • spelling and phonics
  • basic words (now with flashcards!)
  • punctuation and grammar
  • creative writing and written expression…

No matter what syllabus you are following, the ANT BOOKS will provide your children with supplementary exercises for that vital practice, practice, practice…

What you should know:

  • our workbooks are COMPREHENSIVE – we have covered every aspect of English, from reading to word skills, creative writing  to formal grammar, vocabulary building to extension…and what you can’t find, we’re busy writing at present!
  • our workbooks come in a RANGE of ability levels.  You will usually see the word “level” or “book 4″ as opposed to a grade.  This is because there are different levels of ability within a grade.  But all the same, our workbooks come with a recommended grade, to make it easier when ordering (see our ORDER FORM).
  • our workbooks include a great deal of REPETITION – a new word/rule introduced on p4, say, will appear again on p7, then again on p15, then as revision on p19…
  • …our workbooks are designed to TEACH rather than merely test.  Which is why you will love them!

Why do the children like the ANT BOOKS?

  • the books are simple in design – few pictures/colour etc to distract
  • the format is repetitive – each page looks similar to the one before, eliminating anxiety in the less-confident child (he’s done this before!)
  • the content is repetitive – allowing for practice to make perfect
  • the exercises are concise: each page should take 10 minutes, no more (easy to digest bite-sized chunks are so effective)
  • they can DO the work!  If they can’t, the book is too difficult, and look to a lower level.


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