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Introductory Series
English Readers

Introductory series

Available in English, Afrikaans and isiZulu
Now that a second – and even third – language must be introduced in Grade 1, we have put together an ‘Introductory Series’ to teach basic vocabulary.


Level 1

This Level is suitable for grade 1 or 2 children.  The labels and workbooks can be introduced half way through the year.  FULL INSTRUCTIONS ACCOMPANY EACH ORDER.

  • 8 themes: My Body, My Family, Colours, Numbers, Pets, The House, My School Uniform and Breakfast
  • 10 A4 colour picture flashcards for each theme
  • 10 word flashcards
  • “circle and colour” workbooks

Level 2

This Level uses the same flashcards and posters as Level 1, ie is a continuation.  Now we add:

  • “big reading cards” that can be read by the whole class.  There is one card per picture, ie 80 in total.
  • “mini reading cards” – the exact same text as on the big reading cards – templates provided for schools to make small reading cards that can be sent home for homework reading (so impresses the parents!)
  • accompanying Level 2 Workbooks – “read, copy and draw”, exact replicas of the “big reading cards”.  It is this repetition that has made the Ant Books so popular and your teaching of a second language so effective.

Level 1 Set 1: “my body”, “the house”

Level 1 Set 2: “my family”, “colours”

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