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Ant Books Education Centres

Does YOUR child need help?

If your primary school child is falling behind, or is struggling with readingwritten Englishmaths or Afrikaans, then the Ant Books Education Centres may be the solution.

Our philosophy: Get the basics right and the rest will follow.

Find Ant Books Education Centres in the following areas:

DURBAN: Glenwood – 396 Moore Road.  Call Sue Parfitt on 072 456 5541 / 031 202 8830.

JOHANNESBURG: Craighall Park – Craighall Park Ant Books Education Centre

* Are you a teacher?  You too could offer this rewarding and necessary service to your community.  If there is no Ant Books Education Centre in your neighbourhood and you are interested in owning your own teaching business – all of the joy, none of the pressures of school teaching! – contact Sue Parfitt at

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