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Are you a teacher, but wanting to be your own boss?  Open an Ant Books Education Centre and re-discover the joy and satisfaction of teaching for meaningful results – in your own space, on the days and at the times that suit you.  Earn pleasing pocket money or start a sizable empire – you’ll be limited only by the amount of time YOU choose to tutor!

The cost includes:

  • All the Ant Books material for tutoring English, maths and Afrikaans from grades 1 to 7;
  • My special Rat Packs Reading Programme (which is not available to the public) for teaching reading to the little ones;
  • The assessments;
  • The training at my Centre in Durban – during which I will divulge the Ant Books methods for making a decent income out of private tutoring!

Exclusivity of area guaranteed.  Advertise on the busy Ant Books website for maximum exposure.

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