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We have a comprehensive Afrikaans Programme from grade 1 to grade 7.

Grades 1 and 2: based on 8 common themes – such as “Die Liggaam, Die Huis” etc, with colour posters, flashcards and workbooks.

Grades 3 – 7: our famous Afrikaans Programme! Each grade has a set of readers and accompanying workbooks, with a ‘teacher guide’. It’s the best way to teach your children to SPEAK and UNDERSTAND Afrikaans. It’s both effective – and fun! Your children will love the antics of ‘Stoute Neels’ and his family and friends. (Hint: If your child is poor at Afrikaans, start a grade or two lower than her current grade.)

Supplement with our popular supplementary books.

Grades 8 and above: Our Afrikaans Programme is very popular with high school students who are battling with the language.

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