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We are seeking to extend our ‘indigenous languages’ section. I believe so wholly in the advantages of learning a language through the medium of a reader, and this is the focus in this area. There is also a severe lack of reading material, for both first and second language students.



We have our INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMME which is being used to introduce Zulu to the little ones. This consists of:

  •  8 themes, with 10 colour A4 posters and flashcards per theme
  •  4 ‘circle and colour’ workbooks to accompany these pictures
  •  10 big reading cards per theme (one per picture)
  •  4 ‘read, write and draw’ workbooks to accompany the big reading cards
  •  Mini reading cards – free to schools.


We have 4 LEVELS of reader for Zulu, with 8 titles per level.

  •  Level 1 has accompanying workbooks;
  • Level 2 – now with new workbooks;
  • Levels 3 and 4 – new workbooks out during 2014;
  •  The stories are read onto CD by a Zulu-speaker;
  •  We have CHARTS with labels which seek to extend vocabulary, and are loosely linked to the readers;
  • The stories are contemporary and amusing, based on a middle-class Zulu family.


We have 3 LEVELS of reader, translated from the Zulu.

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