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Daily Dozen 1,2 and 3

2 exercises per page, 12 questions per exercise. Basic bonds, which are vital! (They tend to be forgotten when tables are introduced.) Daily Dozen 1 – bonds in number range of 0 to 10. Daily Dozen 2 – bonds in number range of 11 to 20. Daily Dozen 3 – revision of all bonds in number range 1 – 20, including 0 (a vital aspect). Suitable for grades 1 to 3.

Daily Score 1,2 and 3

20 questions per exercise, 40 exercises altogether. Drills bonds and tables (emphasise that bonds must not be forgotten!). Daily Score 1 – tables in the number range 1 – 5 and 10; Daily Score 2 – tables in the number range 6 – 9. Daily Score 3 revises all tables in the number range 0 – 10. Daily Score 1 – suitable for grade when tables are introduced (usually grade 3); Daily Score 2 – suitable for grade 4; Daily Score 3 – suitable for grades 4 and above.

Mixed Bag Grades 1 – 7

Our most popular maths series. “A little bit of everything” of the syllabus for that grade is covered every two consecutive pages. This way, all concepts are “kept warm on the back burner” even when the teacher has moved on to new work. Ideal as diagnostic tests when used once a week or once a fortnight – it becomes easy to see which pupil has not grasped what concept. Ideal as homework exercises. I have been very successful selling the “earlier” grade to teachers to use as revision, i.e. grade 4 teachers begin the year with Mixed Bag Grade 3.

* There are two Mixed Bags for grade 1

Measurement G1-3 and Measurement 4 – 7

Measurement Grades 1 to 3 is suitable for grade 3, and as revision of measurement in grade 4. Measurement Grades 4 to 7 are far more specific and repetitive of content. Exercises cover shape, length, mass, capacity, time and money.

Money G3

Many varied exercises in Money for the grade 3 child, with our usual repetition to ensure learning.

Fractions Grades 4 to 7

Supplementary exercises for the harassed teacher.

Decimals Grades 5, 6 and 7

Carefully-graded exercises related specifically to the syllabus – a great deal of supplementary practice.

Problem-solving Grades 1 – 7

Grades 1 – 3: basic ‘story sums’ using the four operations
Grades 4 – 7: more complex ‘problems’ using the whole syllabus. Great for group work.

Maths Homework Grade 4 (Books 1 and 2) (A5 sized)

Each book contains 40 exercises, and each exercise covers: bonds and tables, the four basic operations, “story sums”, maths concepts and a challenge.

“Pocket Ant” Tables

A6 sized, suitable for every pupil from grades 3 to 7.

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