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More and more schools are turning to us for Afrikaans material, and our range is growing at an exponential rate. It is my intention, by the end of 2013, to have enough Afrikaans material for the WHOLE primary school.



It was developed as a result of the new CAPS education policy of 2012, which introduces a second language from grade 1.


The themes covered are:
• My body, The house
• My family, Colours
• Breakfast, My school uniform
• Pets, Numbers

Each theme comes with:
• 10 colour A4 pictures and flashcards
• Workbook material of the ‘circle and colour’ variety – suitable for the end of grade 1, or grade 2
• ‘how to’ instructions for teachers to get the most out of their posters


The same themes are covered again, using the same picture posters. Added are:
• “Big Reading Cards” – 1 per poster, with a simple sentence or two
• “mini reading cards” – the same text, but in a smaller format, for teachers to laminate and send home as a reading card (schools only)
• Accompanying ‘read, write and draw’ workbooks.


…they do the above if they haven’t yet done it, then move on to our reader-based Afrikaans Programme.


Afrikaans Level 2 Book 1 and 2

Suitable for the second or third year of Afrikaans second language. The booklets contains 2 stories each, each with repetitive exercises in comprehension, phonics, language, vocabulary and sentence construction. (i.e. there are two mini themes in one book). They provide an alternative to “Die Strand”, “My Vakansie”, “Die Plaas”…

Afrikaans Level 3 Books 1

Two more mini-themes aimed at grade 5 / 6 (the third year of learning Afrikaans as a second language).


We have Begripstoets 1 bk 1 and bk 2, Begripstoets 2 bk 1 and bk 2, Begripstoets 3 bk 1 and bk 2, and Begripstoets 4. THEY ARE EXCELLENT SELLERS! These books are a direct translation from the English Comprehensions. Suitable for first and second language.


The Afrikaans phonics sounds, arranged more formally into workbooks, although the sounds are also covered in the Afrikaans Reading Programme.

“Klankie” – the phonics game

An Afrikaans phonics board game. Comes in ‘kit’ form – teachers required to laminate and cut up the playing cards. Children collect ‘word’ and ‘sound’ cards and try to fit them together to make whole words. Comes with a ‘check list’.

Supplementary readers

Vlak 0 Bk 9 – 16
Vlak 1 Bk 9 – 16
Vlak 5 Bk 1 – 8


  • Each Vlak consists of 8 readers of the same level – so different classes within a grade can all start on
  • different books at the same time and swop them;
  • Each reader has accompanying exercises to last for two weeks, therefore each Programme lasts 16
  • weeks / grade;
  • The Werkboeke contain exercises on comprehension, cloze, language work, sounds, spelling, writing,
  • sentence construction, vocab development and extension, as well as “fun” exercises. All are based on
  • the readers. As with all the Ant Books, the emphasis is on teaching, with a great deal of repetition, drill
  • and practice – but in concise, “digestible” chunks.
  • Extend the life of the reader for a third week by doing drama, little plays and skits based on the reader,
  • in the third week, before moving on to the next reader;
  • All the stories focus on the same family – three children and their parents – in different (South African)
  • situations. The main character is a mischievous boy called “Neels”, and the stories are meant to be
  • light-hearted and amusing, to sustain interest;
  • If your child/class is weak at Afrikaans, begin on the level below.
  • All orders come with DETAILED LESSON PLANS.

Grade 3

The 8 readers of Vlak 0, plus the two accompanying workbooks (Afrikaans Werkboek Vlak 0 Boeke 1 – 4, Boeke 5 – 8). Vlak 0 is the introductory level, and the focus is on basic vocabulary in short, simple sentences.

Grade 4

The 8 readers of Vlak 1, plus the two accompanying workbooks (Afrikaans Werkboek Vlak 1 Boeke 1 – 4, Boeke 5 – 8). Vlak 1 focuses on the home. Written in the present tense. Each page contains about 25 words.

Grade 5

The 8 readers of Vlak 2, plus the two accompanying workbooks (Afrikaans Werkboek Vlak 2 Boeke 1 – 4, Boeke 5 – 8). Vlak 2 focuses on the farm. Present tense. Up to 35 words / page.

Grade 6

The 8 readers of Vlak 3, plus the two accompanying workbooks (Afrikaans Werkboek Vlak 3 Boeke 1 – 4, Boeke 5 – 8). Vlak 3 focuses on situations that occur when a strict aunt comes to stay. Past tense. Up to 50 words / page.

Grade 7

The 8 readers of Vlak 4, plus the FOUR accompanying workbooks (Afrikaans Werkboek Vlak 4 Boeke 1 en 2, 3 en 4, 5 en 6, 7 en 8). Vlak 4 focuses on the school. Past tense. Up to 65 words / page.

Vlak 5 –

readers for reluctant teenage pupils. More adult themes. Up to 120 words / page. No workbooks for this level.

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