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About Each Book


In Alphabetical Order The Alphabet – frieze 26 x A4 letter cards showing the outline of the upper- and lower-case letters in PRINT (using ‘teachers pet’ font), each with a picture of the initial letter, so a ‘cat’ on the C page, etc. Great for a class at the beginning of the year to colour [...]


Daily Dozen 1,2 and 3 2 exercises per page, 12 questions per exercise. Basic bonds, which are vital! (They tend to be forgotten when tables are introduced.) Daily Dozen 1 – bonds in number range of 0 to 10. Daily Dozen 2 – bonds in number range of 11 to 20. Daily Dozen 3 – revision of [...]


More and more schools are turning to us for Afrikaans material, and our range is growing at an exponential rate. It is my intention, by the end of 2013, to have enough Afrikaans material for the WHOLE primary school. THE INTRODUCTORY SERIES THIS IS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, AFRIKAANS AND ZULU. It was developed as a result of [...]


The following are available: MENGELMOES G1 – 7 Graad 1 Sample 1 Graad 1 Sample 2 Graad 2 Sample Graad 3 Sample Graad 4 Sample Graad 5 Sample Graad 6 Sample Graad 7 Sample METING G3 – 7 Graad 3 Sample Graad 4 Sample Graad 5 Sample Graad 6 Sample Graad 7 Sample BREUKE G4 [...]


We are seeking to extend our ‘indigenous languages’ section. I believe so wholly in the advantages of learning a language through the medium of a reader, and this is the focus in this area. There is also a severe lack of reading material, for both first and second language students. ZULU INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMME We have our INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMME [...]

  • ANT BOOKS teach – they don’t just test.  Through plenty of repetition, drill and practice, your children will be learning while they work.
  • They are simple and clear in format – what you see, is what you do.  No fuss, no clutter.
  • They cover ALL aspects of English, Maths and Afrikaans: we have left no area uncovered – and if we have, we’ll get to it shortly!
  • Each exercise is concise – no more than 10 minutes long.  We believe in bite-sized chunks that are easy to ‘eat’ and ‘digest’.  It’s a philosophy that we have seen work again and again.
  • The material is of a high-quality.
  • Non-religious, it can be used by all sections of our community.
  • The workbooks can be photocopied.
  • The stories are always amusing – children who laugh are children who learn.
  • Our material is ‘tried and tested’: i’ve used it for years and years to help children, and even home-schooled my own two children using little else.
  • Our Afrikaans Programme is second to none…
  • Our material is affordable.  We produce it here in Pietermaritzubrg, as economically as we can to keep prices down.

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