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New Phonics Reader Series


Whenever the government brings out a ‘new education policy’, I get the teensiest bit anxious: NOW what will they do?
But this time, there is a great deal that is positive. And the best thing of all? PHONICS gains huge importance.
“In a study in the UK, it was found that pupils in primary schools in Scotland were two years ahead of their English counterparts. The difference? In Scotland, there was a big emphasis on PHONICS, while in Engand there wasn’t. In England, it is now national policy to teach 20 MINUTES OF PHONICS A DAY in the foundation phase.’
And now it’s happening here. And not before time. You teach phonics – and you give your children another tool to use in deciphering written work, which leads to better reading and spelling.
So you should be teaching phonics, and now the government agrees with me! :)

  • Teach phonics daily (see our timetabling suggestion)
  • Teach it beyond grade 3 – keep on into the higher primary school until your children know ALL their sounds
  • Teach it using:
    • Ant Books Phonics Levels 1 and 2
    • “Pocket Ants” Phonics for grades 2 and 3
    • “Sounds Wild” Reader Series

We provide many ideas for other activities to make the whole process enjoyable for you and the children! (Free activity programme with all phonics orders.)

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