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What’s new!

1.     “Introductory Series”

English!  Afrikaans!  Zulu!

Now that the government has changed the language policy to include a second language from grade 1, we have been busy formulating a new programme for our youngest learners.  It aims to introduce basic vocabulary in themes, such as “The Body”, “The Family”, etc.  Each SET contains 20 colour picture flashcards, 20 word flashcard and a workbook with simple applications.

Level 1 Set 1:  The Body, The House

Level 1 Set 2:  The Family, Colours

* Watch this spot for news of more in the series!

2.     “Jackpot!”

This brightly coloured board game is our new maths game for the grade 1s and 2s.  It covers:

  • Counting
  • Adding
  • Subtracting
  • Doubling
  • Halving
  • Odd and even numbers

3.     Book packs

These are of special interest to schools where the cost of photocopying the Ant Books is becoming prohibitive.  Choose your favourite Ant Books for the parents to buy for their child – so that every child in the class has a ‘book pack’ of Ant Books.  The parents are then eligible for the ‘bulk book discount’ – so it is a win-win situation.  No more wasting time photocopying and making up workbooks, teachers!  No more wasting paper – which equals money – for the school.

Make up your own packs of your favourite ‘must haves’ and we will give you our special price.

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