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Phew, we’re already finished with 2010!  I have been watching with interest and satisfaction the return in education to the ‘basics’, particularly in English.  To this end, we’ve brought out a PHONICS range (in the handy A6 size, nice and little) to supplement your spelling programmes.   Here’s a brief overview:

1.   “POCKET ANT” Phonics

Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6/7.  40 lists, one per week, with plenty of repetition in the lower grades.  That is what Ant Books are all about…Give a list per week for students to learn, and test regularly.  A double-page of games and activities is included with every order. 

2.   “POCKET ANT” Tables

A must for every child in the primary school, from grade 3 to grade 7.  Buy once and keep for all the other years.  Lists and lists of tables (multiplication and division), mixed and plain.  Great for oral testing.

NOTE:  All our ‘POCKET ANTS’ are sold in bulk only, that is, 20 or more, unless you are home-schooling and are on our official home-schooling database.


This is the Afrikaans equivalent of PUNOS (the English phonics game), and is wonderful for entrenching those regular – but confusing – Afrikaans sounds: ou, ei, ie, aa, uu, ee, y, eu, ooi, etc.  Comes as a kit with counters and die – the board is laminated, you’ll need to laminate and cut up the cards.  4 can play at a time.


These are so very popular!  We now have 2 workbooks at level 1, level 2 and level 3, and a new level, Begripstoets 4.  Concise reading studies for first and second language.


Exactly what it says.  9 assemblies in detail – dealing with popular topics like sharing, being kind, bad days, etc.  Adaptable to both Christian and non-Christian schools.

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